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We design dreams

The foundations of architecture and design lie in the powerful process of creativity and in the mastering of craftsmanship. That is also why we are proud of our projects. They are the result of an intensive, service-oriented interaction with our clients, our partners and the project context. Our approach is comprehensive: the creative concept, the detailing, materiality and spatial qualities are intrinsic and integral parts of our projects. That's why our clients love them so much.

At the same time, we think that optimizing budgets, orchestrating schedules and making technically perfect buildings are things of beauty, too.

Thinking Buildings has office in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Beijing (China) and a site office in Munich (Germany). We are a full-service architecture, interior architecture and design company. This means that we continuously work on a wide range of projects: from public projects such as train stations and schools, to developer initiated projects such as office buildings and housing blocks, to private residences, interiors and products. We do this not only because we are excited by the diversity of challenges and opportunities that each of these commissions bring. We strongly believe that architecture, interior design and product design are areas of expertise that strongly influence each other and ultimately can improve each other. This not only brings more value to the design and the way our buildings and objects create quality, it fundamentally raises the value of our projects for our clients.

Our office in Rotterdam
Our office in Rotterdam

Our Team

Landscape architects

  • Darcey Dion
  • Humberto Shoemake
  • Claude Turner
  • Meg Lamon
  • Ai Largo
  • Architects

  • Palma Stolte
  • Rufina Stafford
  • Starr Brewster
  • Cheree Hennessey
  • Ernie Boze Joelle
  • Project leaders

  • Qualls Nakesha
  • Crowell Ona Loose
  • Alyce Klick
  • Houston Guerrette

  • Main Projects

    Villa L

    A young family with three children asked us to design a house that would fulfill their dreams: a paradox of a house that is simple yet surprising, open yet specific, minimal yet luxurious. A house designed for the hectic life of an evolving family; fragmented yet united, plural yet whole.

    Set in big clearing in the forested residential area in the center of the Netherlands, the site is both secluded and perfectly oriented towards the sun. The clients insisted on a very high level of sustainability. For this we worked very closely with world renowned sustainability pioneer Thomas Rau.

    Together, we set out to resolve the apparent contradictions of the clients’ wishes with a sustainable design for a house that is based on a radical differentiation of spatial experiences. Every floor has its own strong identity, creating a broad spatial spectrum within a unified whole. Three clear levels, with three very different characters and functionalities as a basis for family life to emerge.

    Canal House

    Approaching the space through the garden, as it were, we discovered a tall and beautiful arched window that was cut in half by a floor going right through the middle of it. We opened up the floor and made the resulting void the space for a sculptural new staircase.

    Through the now opened-up window, the apartment gained great views of the neighbouring gardens as well as uninterrupted light. The lines of the winding staircase reflect the curving ornamentation of the arched window and the smaller arched openings on either side of it.


    Every single person working at Thinking Buildings has the ambition to create something that is next level. This ambition finds its way to the project teams. A shared love for architecture, design and craftsmanship drives the quality of the final product. We work together to create the best possible design teams of architects, designers, developers, engineers or interior architects.
    At Thinking Buildings, we build our teams on the talents of each individual member. We nurture a positive, constructive-critical mindset within the project teams.
    Everyone is encouraged to practice what they enjoy most. We value curiosity. We motivate people to leave their comfort zones so they can expand their skills.
    We are committed to getting our designs built at the highest possible quality level. At any given moment multiple projects are under construction or nearing completion.
    In the Netherlands as well as abroad. In this dynamic environment, employees get their fair share of practical experience in the field, something that benefits their further careers. Office culture at Thinking Buildings is laid back and intense at the same time. Intense because we are committed professionals. Laid back because we love what we do. So we treat ourselves to great coffee, lunches and epic parties. If you feel you can contribute to our ambition, feel free to check out our job openings or send an open application.